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Richard "Moontan" Jay

Born and raised in New York, Richard took to music at an early age; playing in bands throughout high school, and gigging in Manhattan Rock clubs by the age of 19. One of his first bands, Gumption Trap, earned the "distinction" of being banned from the legendary CBGB’s for raucous stage antics.

After studying both Music and Economics at NYU, Richard worked for several years in a NYC jingle house, assisting recording sessions and sychnching library music (and doing taxes and fetching lunch)

Guitar on back, Richard spent a year busking across Europe and the Middle East.

Under his Singer/Songwriter alias MOONTAN, Richard has performed several hundred shows: both solo and with the ever evolving Moontan Collective.

Shunning the stage since 2008, Moontan has composed/produced music for both television and independent film .

As MOONTAN, Richard has recorded two full length CDs. The first was produced by Zach McNees (engineer; Bjork, Paul Simon and Rob Thomas). Moontan's most recent album, Odalisca, is a musical mosaic of film-score-esque “short stories”.


Richard founded Brownhouse Studios in 2000 as a research laboratory for Moontan music. From this modest and efficient launching pad, he has produced music for other local artists, television shows, commercials and independent films.




Moontan hits the documentary scene!

Compositions appear in
Thomas Jefferson"
autumn 2010 on

"Art Through Time:
A Global View"

Winter 2010/11

"The Real Face of Jesus"
April 2010
The History Channel
white history

Moontan: Odalisca